November 30, 2017


I’ve been running a lot in Provence. I love to run in wild places…often where I am more likely to come across a wild boar than another human (or hunters! fluorescent shorts and hair ribbon!). I’ve made a friend in my village with whom I’ve been running for the past year or so. She is British and has lived here for almost 20 years and knows the best wild trails I now run regularly on my own as well. Up through hills and olive groves and cherry tree fields and lookouts onto the Montange Sainte-Victoire. It’s made me a bit obsessed and I ran a 15K with 1,000 ft gain last weekend with pleasure. Next I am going for the race in the Calanques between Marseille and Cassis. It provides a good excuse to get to hard-to-reach places with views to die for and light that inspires.

Wild trails near our house lead to a château down the road...still feels wild - in the winter there is never anyone around. We often run with my friend's puppies - here is beautiful Cassius.

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