November 30, 2017

New York

Xavier and I have started a new work project that has taken us to New York twice this month. Whirlwind trips - 3 or 4 days. The highlight, of course, was seeing my two brothers who live in the city. And running in Central Park.

New York has enjoyed a protracted autumn this year, the leaves all still in glory in the park. With jet lag I was ready for a run before 5am and had to wait hungrily for some light. I ran with my brother Stephen one morning. We talked about the USA and the blustering political and cultural mess. I have this gnawing feeling that my culture is sick. Sick in a profound way and it makes me hesitant to even want to be there. I read the news from our village in Provence and feel a sense of incredulity. So, it was refreshing to go back and recognize the city and the people and the cultural forces that I hold dear. All the best parts. Looking at the faces on the subway, in the park, the city - people from every imaginable place and circumstance all jumbled together. It was so reassuring. Stephen made the good point that the cultural counteraction - bringing to light the pervasiveness of sexual harassment, etc is probably in direct response to the current forces at work. There is good coming of it.

And the city through the lens of Central Park is so fine.

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