May 28, 2017

An evening in a field

After school one evening - now that the sun lingers around - we go to fields around our house. I follow the girls out there. I watch them approach the wild grass and flowers, always gathering bits for their 'soups' and bouquets. It is a magical time - of the day, the year, their lives.

Colette has been preoccupied with death for a couple of years now. She asks a lot of questions about it and seems fixated on the idea of being separated. She asked me out here in this field about it again and I told her that our souls are connected through time forever. She asked, "like with a string we cannot see that is there even if I am downstairs and you are upstairs?" "Even if we are dead solid?" "Even if we are stuck under water?" "Even if we are poked by a hedgehog?"

1 comment:

Rosie said...

We all live to die! I love Colette's inquisitive mind - pretty amazing.

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