May 31, 2017


We've now tasted our favorite tree. All spring we would stand at the bottom of the tree assessing the green balls of forming fruit. Then they turned pale and then brassy and then vibrant red and then deep red. The girls on cherry patrol the whole month of May. We picked and picked and filled baskets and never seemed to get them all. We decided the very top of the tree would go to the sweet birds who sing to us all year. The last weekend in May the tree was at its peak. And just as quickly, worms were burrowed in every cherry that remained hanging.

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Rosie said...

We had two cherry trees in our yard when I was a little girl. I remember sitting up in the tree feasting on the sweet and sour! One was a pie cherry and they were sour, but I loved them. The other was a sweet bing cherry - deep red.

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