December 6, 2016

Salle à mager

Xavier is the king of projects. Contrary to way most people's brains function, Xavier doesn't feel balanced unless he has at least several major projects all going at the same time. Even better when some seem to be in direct contradiction to each other. Professional, personal, bricolage. I've learned to breathe and trust the seeming tumult. From experience, it ends well.

One of the current project categories is the ongoing renovation of our house.

The dining room is finished. We can now dine. The room was very somber when we moved in. We wanted to open up the wall to add a wide window. The trick was that the walls are about 5-feet thick. And very old (~400 years old). The idea, naturally, turned out to be more intense than anticipated (like all projects).

In September, we found our team. The mason seemed great and committed to completing the project in a week. We were delighted. This room is right off the kitchen and without it we don't have a natural dining area. The day came for the demolition to begin. The mason had disappeared. Unreachable. Provence.

A few weeks later we found a great guy - a mason who came and began attacking right away. (We like him. He's doing other projects here now). The pile of rubble was staggering. He ran into a bit of a snag when it was clear that the wall had turned to sand in some parts. It just started pouring down from above. It meant extra steel beams for support and filling the remaining wall above with concrete. And a lot more time.

Bit by bit the window took shape.

The mason also put in the new floor - we replaced the tiling (the former flooring was recent and not in keeping with the age of the house). We decided on the more typical terra cotta 'tomettes' square tiles from this region of France.

We spent three days painting the room. I had never painted vaulted ceilings - fun with a really long roller brush.

The important thing is that the room is ready - for Christmas and holiday celebrations. We are hosting all of Xavier's family this year.

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