December 27, 2016

Noël in Provence: L'éveil de Noël

First we headed into Aix-en-Provence to soak in that sunset and mingle with the Christmas lights, ride the carousel, do a little eleventh hour shopping.

Then arrived back at home...

Lots of elation and dancing: Christmas Eve.

Hand-picked flower arrangements (from the yard) by Marguerite.

Charades with tante Marie and cousine Louise (the best).

The girls sprucing up their tree upstairs.

Xavier's dad shucking oysters for the traditional Christmas Eve meal in the garage (so much work!). Total professional - many years of practice.

Et voilà !

And the meal together (complete with the Joly family tradition of the "ban" - a special synchronized clapping formulation done in rhythm to salute the chef/host): oysters, fois gras, smoked salmon, blinis, champagne, etc.

Jules and Marguerite were lucky and got to stay up in front of a big screen we brought down to watch Home Alone. Even French kids love this Christmas classic.

1 comment:

Rosie said...

Beautiful warm Christmas! Love the traditions you are building. Happy New Year and love to all!

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