July 5, 2016

Small moments in Baugé

One of the best spots in the house to sit and decide what to do next - the base of the grand escalier.

Romy running free.

Colette, looking glamorous in the backyard.

Jules, patiently kicking the soccer ball back and forth with Romy, who would laugh mightily with every kick.

Colette, taking some pointers from her artist Aunt Marie.

Colette, looking rather old-maidish.

The grenier - unfinished, but all the better for a band of kids' imaginations to go wild.

With views to kill.

Marguerite and Jules have spent hours up there in their own world this visit to Baugé.

Un, deux, trois, soleil with cousin Louise.

Treasures from the trees.

Colette with the goslings at the local market. In love.

All the girls. Car wash time with papa.


Unknown said...

Your blog has always been my favorite. I love everything about it.

Floridaze said...

I agree Laura...I've been following the travels and adventures pre Colette and now I love hearing about all these adventures and the girls! Enjoy all the posts Emile...cant wait to hear of all the new adventures in France!

Emilie said...

Thanks Laura and Floridaze! Bisous!

Anonymous said...

Are you pregnant???

Emilie said...

I'm not in any of these photos. Kind of bizarre question

Gaby Munoz said...


Still following your blog since I've had the privilege to be one of your students in Paris seven years ago. How time flies! Your storytelling through journaling and pictures is so beautiful and engaging. I love seeing the adventures of you and your family in Paris, New York, other places in between, and now back in France. I have no doubt Aix will offer vastly different experiences, though always, of course in that charmingly difficult way that can only be attributed to the French. (I mean this as a compliment.)

Looking forward to more beautiful storytelling.

Emilie said...

Thanks Gaby for your kind note! So glad you follow along. Sending warm thoughts your way xxxooow

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