March 14, 2015

Isla Holbox I

At least 3 modes of transportation - that is what I've come up with as a formula for getting to really good spots. This time it was a flight to Cancun, a 2-hour drive northwest and a 30-minute ferry ride to an island called Holbox. All of that for a 5-day trip alone. Xavier is an exceptional partner because he proposed the idea of my going away alone. He actually sees it as a really nice opportunity to spend special time with the girls. I will take it! Traveling alone is funny, because all along the way people ask you with a perplexed expression, "Are you alone - or is your husband waiting for you?" Seems silly. Traveling alone is really a pleasure. Especially when you haven't really been alone for 3 years. Babies are really intense - the best kind of intense, but one thing they do is require presence. And when you're away, running between things to get back to them. So this is the first chunk of time I am spending alone not running back anywhere. The island is really beautiful and wild. It isn't quite like the Caribbean, the sea is different. The sun is the same though. It is a hard enough place to get to that it has remained wild and whole sections of the island are totally remote. I went on a two-hour walk last night past any of the hotels and didn't see another person the whole time.

The ferry

Lovely room at CasaSandra hotel on the island


alison said...

the sun and sea look special there. enjoy yourself and your time!

Aralena said...

Ahhhhhh... those swings gazing out at sea. Looks and sounds like a heavenly get-away.

Joaquin said...

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