September 24, 2014

More Colette.

It might be the most comical age. She takes up so much space – in all the best ways. She is forcing smiles all over the place, even when she is nowhere to be seen…the capricious moments keep floating to the top of my mind long after they are gone. Some amusing Colette lines of late:

(While wearing the above, self-chosen gear – and no, biking was not on the agenda, nor was it raining): “Come here little fellas,” she beckoned with her hand to ask Xavier, Romy and me to follow her somewhere.

While trying on some new sneakers: “I’m bigger, just like a boy!” (proclaimed with total delight)

While reading a cowboy story: “The cows and the horses are galloping. I really like this book, mama.” (Studying it intently)

While sitting on the counter cooking with papa: Xavier instructs, “ne touche à rien” (don't touch anything)
Colette: “OK Papa, I am not touche-ing a rien”

Out of the blue, looks at me incredulously: “Are you kidding, mama?”

Romy’s new full name: Romy Danda Boonza
(Romy responds to Danda more than Romy at this point)

On the swing, flying high, booming, low-pitched voice: “Let it go! Let it go! I CANNOT hold it back anymore” (this girl doesn’t use contractions)

“Wait, wait mama – you bouge pas” (don't move)

Colette: “Where is my lady?” (repeatedly with increasing distress)
Me: “What lady, Colette?”
Colette: “That lady – my pink lady!”
(Turns out she was talking about a cheap Barbie doll figurine from McDonalds – high title for such a lass)

On a webcam with my brother Paul: “Colette, where does Bindia live”
Colette: “Brooklyn”

Bindia is on her mind a lot (and ours too, now that we have sort of fallen in love with this imaginary friend. Bindia made it to France, thank goodness – Colette spotted her in the parking lot of Paris CDG airport):
“Bindia is up there bricolaging with her papa,” pointing up to some trees
“Bindia’s mama is green”
"Bindia's mama is 49"

We heard Colette singing Twinkle Twinkle in the monitor to herself in bed (or so we thought). She got to the end of the song and said, "Just 2 times, Bindia, OK?" and then recommenced.

I do have some fears for Colette. She has particularities that point to specific genes in my family. OCD:
- She can’t wear shoes with laces – the loop specifications and direction of the leftover laces are just too intense to handle
- Before she can swoosh down any slide – a very rhythmic three foot bangs must lead the way. Every time
- Blanket alignment can take up to 5 full minutes before bedtime
I won’t go on


Quiana said...

I read many blogs who capture the phrases of their toddlers/preschoolers and I have to say Colette's are the best! I'm sure she'll love reading these when she's older for a good laugh!

Marnie said...

How gorgeous :D

Brad said...

These are priceless memories of a truly one of a kind child. Thanks for sharing.

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