September 15, 2014

Château du Lude.

Next was Château du Lude, just down the road a bit from Baugé. The thing I liked most about visiting this place was Colette's stance, above. It is one of my favorite things about her generally. Aplomb 100%. Little body taking up lots of space.

We also loved soaking in our French family - Jules, the calm, wise, attentive cousin Colette and Romy both adore.

This lady has some serious locks. She was perfect in this setting.

Château labyrinth...out of hedges

Sister walks in a great setting.

Piles. Colette is obsessed with creating piles. Spare dust anywhere is magically ordered into a Colette-hill.

The inside of the château was photo-forbidden, but I stole a couple of the best views. That staircase and entry were really something else.


Unknown said...

In the photo of Romy with you, she looks so much like Julie!

Alisa said...

You are all just so beautiful.

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