May 18, 2014

Red, white and blue (the version with stars).

The French gave us that lady out there sashaying on the Hudson River and they also gave us Xavier. He is now American and few things in his life have made him more proud. Xavier was caught by surprise by his own emotions as he listened to President Obama welcome him (televised recording). Xavier immediately registered to vote - as a democrat (he emphatically insists). He takes his citizen seriously. I committed that I would work on my French citizenship this year too (since every member of the family is now a dual-citizen - including Marguerite). I am just slightly less persistent.

Happy new citizen party! Here Amy is waving her flag to Colette's beat. Colette was really excited about this little party. She kept exclaiming, "Happy Birthday!" of course.

Appropriately, we have been enjoying New York a bit as Americans - stopping by the Statue of Liberty and sailing a full circle around the island of Manhattan with lovely cousin Jill. I love this lady.


Sarah said...

That is just so wonderful. Congratulations to Xavier and thank you - we dems need all the help we can get!! I especially like the Uncle Sam family portrait :)

Xtreme English said...

WHAT A FAMILY!!! And yes, thanks, Xavier, for signing up with the Dems!
I agree...the family portrait is wonderful!!

Jill said...

So proud of X! Love that picture of the two of us. Love you!

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