May 2, 2014

Julie & Stephen.

So, I've got this sister, Julie, who is doing a double PhD and was awarded the Fulbright for her research on reproduction in the context of HIV/AIDs. So, she packed up her family (3 beautiful babes and a super husband) and moved to South Africa a few weeks ago. She and John are writing about their experiences there here: Amazing, right? That is her little Grace, above, and their tales of East London thrill.

Then, there is my brother Stephen, whose apartment was photographed for the cover of this book. Talk about famous. This is the father of Moonman - if you don't follow along - you probably should. (instagram: @moonmandotcom | Moonman prints:

My 5 other siblings are also remarkable, but I will stop there for this day.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Bravo Julie and Stephen!

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