March 31, 2014

Piano and ping pong.

Look at these grandparents. My girls lucked out. Utah was a nice break from NYC's winter wrath. We danced and sang and played the piano with grandma and ping pong with grandpa.

I must admit, coming back to NYC has not been a totally happy affair. This winter is gripping tight. It isn't fair for one season to invade what is meant to come next. I've felt hollow and haven't had much creativity flowing anywhere. I've always thought I was pretty unassailable - but this one definitely got me. Maybe once winter releases me things will look up. Looking to these little gems in my backyard.


D1Warbler said...

Loved seeing these wonderful photos of Rosie and Brad with Colette. Too fun!

Jill said...

Come back! We'll take you anytime.

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