February 15, 2014

Great moments in the worst of winters.

This winter has been villainous. If you live in NYC, you know what I mean (and lots of other places in the USA as well). The weather has matched my mood. I've found recovery heavy with this thing and reappearing in life to be challenging. I often find inspiration in new sights, smells, sounds, places, but right now the very best moments are all already well-discovered: they are all people based - brow to brow gazing.

My mother's youth and heart.

The mamas on the bus at the library in Harlem, where I am pretty sure Colette has one of the most diverse group of friends in the city.


Xavier's dimples when he admires his girls.

A new baby at lunch.

Colette's pleas (with this cock of her head) to: "Mommy, please put Romy down."

Neighborhood walks with Colette and Claire.

A careful comparison of foot size.

A faithful companion for arctic walks.

Good-natured boys.

Local tours.

Post-bath contentment.

A constant friend, protection against the blahs.


Marnie said...

Beautiful! We have had a terrible summer! It seems to be too intense for everyone globally. I think the moments you found joy in are perfect ones. Too often those sorts of moments go by unappreciated for what they really are : )

Rosie said...

Thank you Emilie for a beautiful tribute to "love" which is often expressed in subtle ways but ever so profound!

Jill said...

I love that there is always beauty to be found among the roughness. Beautiful pictures Emilie!

*Stephen and Julie were really great after babies. They were life savers for me after the twins. Family is the best!

Brad said...

Wonderful post with some fabulous images. Spring is coming!

Quiana said...

Such a great collection of pictures especially the feet comparison one! I can't wait to capture similar moments of my 3 year old daughter with her baby brother this June =)

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