December 16, 2013

What have we here?

Neither Xavier nor I like Barbies, for obvious reasons for girls. However, Xavier has introduced and we have gladly accepted Big Jim. Big Jim was a man of Xavier's and Jeep included. He found him again for his girls. Tragedy struck recently, and original Big Jim lost his head (which resulted in many Colette tears). In a mad search on eBay for a replacement Jim, not only did Xavier find a few Big Jims to step in, but he also found a mad assortment of accessories. I came home the other night to find this set up. Not one Barbie, but plenty of Big Jims and outfits for all at our house. Each girl is going to have her own Big Jim.


Karate chop wood block.

Cooking supplies.

They are very athletic.

Vintage gear.

And accessories.

Best of all, the Big Jims have their own faithful companion, Geronimo (you know, who was a prominent leader of the Bedonkohe Apache Indians way back when).

In other fine news, Colette is amassing quite a toolbox of sayings. One of her best is (in tribute to her dad): "bricolage-ing" (she understood she'd have to find a way to use it in both languages pretty quickly). Also very cute to hear a 20 month old "Ouh là là !" all over the house. In similar fashion, "Oh boy" is pretty endearing as well. Sometimes Xavier calls me "Johnson" - so Colette chimes in calling out "Johnson, Johnson!" And, of course, with all this Big Jim influence, Colette is usually carrying Big Jim (or two) around for some reason or another, "Jimmy!"


Aralena said...

So awesome. Karate chop wood block?? Barbie simply cannot compete.

JB's friends used to call him Big Jim, and now I finally understand why.

Unknown said...

Big Jim puts Ken to shame.

Jill said...

I had barbies growing up, but that weren't nearly as cool as those. Lucky girls you have!

Xtreme English said...

just saw the weather forecast for Utah, and thinking of you and your family!!

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