December 14, 2013

The tree.

Colette loves the book "The Snowy Day" (Ezra Jack Keats) and got red snow pants, just like Peter. She talks about Peter when we put them on, and certainly this season, catching glimpses of snowflakes falling from the sky. Today was a proper snow in NYC. The city is beautiful in the snow.

Our task was to obtain a Christmas tree today. We wanted to set out and chop one down at a farm outside the city, but the impending baby (could come anytime now) and the impending snowstorm prevailed and we decided to just find a nice, substantive tree at a street vendor on the Upper West Side. While Colette and I were playing in the snow, Xavier was negotiating something very special with the guy from Canada. We came around when the tree was ready to be loaded on the car. One can't really estimate the size of these things out of context and in their bundled state.

Soon enough, however, we were home and the tree was stationed in the living room. I was wide-eyed. Xavier had insisted on the largest tree the man had. Indeed. The tree dwarfs the room. I have the impression that we are permanently part of the Nutcracker and we are in the part of the story where the tree is growing continuously. Pretty magical.

Might break through if we water it too much.

Check out little Colette for a bit of relative sizing.


Brad said...

What a gorgeous tree! Love the photos of Colette.

Quiana said...

Wow such a grand tree - love it! We too wanted to go to the tree farm but opted for Home Depot (my husband really wanted a fake tree so I was satisfied to compromise for a real one much closer to home!).

Ming said...

WOW, now that's a très jolie tree for the Joly's.

Xtreme English said...

fabulous tree! Good for Xavier!!

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