September 4, 2013


In Utah, Sam the dog was the biggest hit. Colette was in heaven with her Grandma and Grandpa and uncles and aunts, but Sam was inspiring enough to be the subject of all of her conversations. At the lake, calling out into the grand reflection in front of her: "Sam! Sam...Sam?!" (again and again and again). In the car. At the house. When she would wake up at 6am, sit up with wide open eyes: "SAM?!" Sam was as accommodating as ever - allowing Colette to swipe his tennis balls - looking at them longingly as she shielded them and waddled around the lawn.

Uncle Drew was a pretty big hit too - swinging little lady all around - in the mountains, on the lake, teaching her to swing a ping pong racket.

Here she is at the base of a 2,500 year-old Limber Pine tree.

Beach paradise for little lady at Bear Lake - where you can wade out for a mile before swimming deep in crystal blue fresh water. Perfect for a lady who likes to wander.

I loved spending time with siblings I don't get to see often enough - a whole contingent of our family I wish was part of our every day existence.

Harvesting from Uncle Drew and Grandma Rosie's vegetable garden.

Aunt Mels, the resident pre-school expert (teaches a class of 15 3-year olds every day at work)


Jill said...

It looks like you had a great time. My favorite is that you almost had Bear Lake all to yourself.

I feel bad that I missed seeing you and Little Lady while you were here. It looks like Sam made up for any other lack. :-)He is such a sweet, good-natured dog.

Melissa said...

Oh how I love this family! Wish I saw you all more...

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