September 9, 2013

Central Park Carnival.

One day this summer we decided to go to the carnival in the middle of Central Park...we surprised Marguerite and Colette and all met there after work (outings like these make Marguerite believe that New York is pretty magical...Halloween was one of the first of these - the French girl who stared wide-eyed at the flock of princesses, ghosts and witches going door to door to demand candy of all of varieties. She looked up at her papa that first October in New York with a furrowed brow and pointed eyebrows - total distrust, questioning the reality of the situation and whether she could dive in). So we found ourselves telling her we would take a turn on each and every one of the amusement rides. Colette could ride on about 5 of them, Marguerite - all the others and she was going to hold us to it. I was pretty delighted to rub my belly, citing my disappointment at not being able to join in. By the end, Xavier was green. Marguerite was glowing.

A mixture of quizzical wonder here, watching Marguerite on the big-kid rides.

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