May 28, 2013


On a small hunt around Geneva (for Geneva), I found the following: A lovely square.

Pruning swans and a beryl lake (blue-green from Glacier water not algae).

A lane of sycamore trees - nicely carved in the Parisian way (or to me, in any case). The sycamores in Central Park look like ladies with free and wild locks compared to these twisted dames.

My kind of tiling in building entrances.

Narrow streets with pompous conclusions.

Large cathedrals with pompous conclusions. (Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Genève)

A tree whose roots were bursting the seams of the cobblestones. The road was almost actively rising from the force of the roots.

Delightful, mossy roof tiles. Good color scheme.

A picturesque manège in city center. Wish Marguerite were here to beg for a ride and then just one more after that. Repeat. Europeans have a real commitment to carrousels in their cities.

You know the rest.

Truth be told, my bonanza was not limited to visual finds. Geneva is, of course, the home to shopping places like FNAC (=updated French volumes for Colette's little French library), Migros (family favorite grocery store, yes, grocery store of Switzerland, where the generic brand chocolate bars and cases of yogurt bring back great memories - both are now part of a large stash in my hotel room), Du Pareil au Même (gray children's clothing - yah!), etc. etc.


Aralena said...

At first I thought that was a geyser next to the warf.

Geneva looks very calm and lovely.

Brad said...

Lovely photos of one of the worlds greatest cities.

Unknown said...

Those are spectacular photos from Geneva. The slate roof tiles caught my attention the most. It looks rustic. I’m impressed because the beauty of the tiles still remains. But despite the old age of the tiles, it still seems sturdy and can still withstand any harsh weather. @ Roof Works

Unknown said...

Love the classic look of the Genevan homes, both inside and out. I wonder if you can recreate that mossy roof tile look without waiting for years before achieving them. That’d be something. Still, there’s no copying the picturesque sights and vintage feel walking around Geneva gives.


Tom Willi said...

I wouldn’t mind waking up every morning to that view, more so if it’s the view of the Geneva rooftops. I wonder if I can emulate those tiles with cropped tiles. Something to consider on the next home renovation.

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