January 17, 2013

Gulabi Gang.

Since my post below on girls/women in the news recently, I've received a lot of emails with friends' thoughts. One of my friends, Ann Marie, sent me a great article. On her recent voyage to India, Ann Marie had the chance to stay with the author of the article. It features a heroine whose approach to rape and abuse is sincerely heartening. I love this. The Pink Sari Clan, who publicly shame and even beat rapists/abusers with big bamboo sticks, is "a gang for justice." So powerful and reading about it does the exact opposite to my internal organs - instead of sinking/twisting in my body in response to vile reports of how women are treated, they lift a little and seem to expand.

Read about this women's vigilante group in India (image borrowed from the article)

More from this author on her wordpress blog here


Xtreme English said...

Thanks for this, Emilie! I've reposted this.

Jill said...

This is great. Thank you for posting all these articles Emilie. It's good to be better educated about this, to understand and learn. Thank you.

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