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January 1, 2013

Great-grandpa Ivan and Colette.

While we were in Utah for Christmas, Colette paid a special visit to my Grandpa Ivan (he is 94 years old). My grandpa is losing his memory and he has good days and bad days. My mama has been spending a lot of time with her dad and sees him vacillate through moments of lucidity and moments of being adrift - wandering somewhere in between his past and a present to which he can't easily relate. He is such a grand old guy. Colette loved him. She locked eyes with him - his smiling clear blue eyes and face and just oozed Colette charm. She smiled and clapped and waved and reached out for him - his buttons, his face. She showed him all her tricks, pulled herself up by the knobs and handles on the cabinets and turned around to where he was sitting to wave and smile - insisting, "look at me." He did and he gazed at her with a lot of love. Her great-grandpa - she knew him. It made me melt.

Here is my grandpa as a little boy (right). So cute.

And here is my grandpa's father (Lester), his brothers and their dad. Such an impressive group. Time is beautiful and terrifying.


three glass bottles said...

What an amazing photo and a special moment with Grandpa Miller!

Brad said...

Priceless! On of your best entries.

RebeccaNYC said...

Everytime I see a photo of you with your family, I am amazed at how much you look alike. The photo of the 4 of you, down the generations to Collette is priceless....you all have the same exact smile. Thats some strong DNA you've got going there!

Elaine R. said...

Wow, that photo of the men is incredible! What a gem.

It's so lovely that Colette got to meet her great grandfather.

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