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September 22, 2012


I have been singing the blues lately about being away from Colette during the day. What I haven't done is express just how lucky we are with the nanny we found. Claire. Colette got sick on Thursday night. Baby vomit many times over. We called Claire to explore more what Colette ate/did/produced (in terms of diapers) that day. I decided to stay home with Colette on Friday and told Claire to have the day off since I would be here. She came over just to see how little baby was doing - she was worried about her "teammate," as she affectionately calls Colette. She carries Colette like this a lot (above) - it is Colette's preferred position - she is way up high to see everything and holds on to Claire's ponytail for stability - perfect for Miss Independent Baby (Colette would prefer to hang on to something to stand up on her own any day than cuddle). Colette and Claire spend most of the waking part of their day outside - Claire giggled yesterday as she told me about a park they often walk to to watch the big kids. "Colette's legs kick and kick like crazy watching all the things they are doing." We laughed because it is really cute, but also pretty tragic that little miss is stuck watching from the stroller for now. She is ready to be big already. Claire and Colette listen to NPR when they are home and basically structure a day just like I would if it were me. I am endlessly grateful such a grand human being spends so much time with my baby. Colette's face lights up with a smile as big as Claire's when she sees her.

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Jill said...

Claire seems lovely. I'm so glad you all have her.

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