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September 6, 2012

Cache Valley, Utah.

Utah is my parents' new and old home. They both grew up in the valley they have chosen for their retirement spot, but spent their adult lives elsewhere. Summers of our childhood were often spent in this idyllic valley - where the cheese is apparently famous and the sun is for keeps. Cache Valley is the northern most valley in Utah - borders Idaho - and stays remarkably green for a desert. Most beautiful of all is driving up Logan Canyon to a place called Tony Grove (Mount Naomi Wilderness Area). I relish wild places - my childhood and my dad's obsession with mountains gave me a palate for those spaces where you don't see other people and the air smells exactly the opposite of the streets of New York City.

What makes Utah home, even partly for me, is the web of people who are there. Lovely cousin, Jill (many cousins everywhere) - aunts and uncles, my grandpa - who is still alive at 95 years old - and of course, my brothers and sisters (4 are in Utah). They love Colette like I do = oversize proportions of love.

(And clearly, Colette has a soft spot for them).


Jill said...

Beautiful Emilie! That picture of Colette with your Grandpa makes me cry a little. He's such a sweet man.

I was wonderful to see you last weekend. A real treat for me. Thank you!

Terri said...

Oh, I have tears in my eyes looking at the photos of Cache Valley/Tony Grove (You may know that my dad was a
Forest Ranger in Logan Canyon during the summers when he wasn't teaching school) We haven't lived there for
many years but it is still my favorite place. The pictures made me think of Mom and Dad fishing at Tony Grove.This year has been hard without them. Great photos as usual and who wouldn't adore that baby?

Brad said...

Your visit was like a dream. We loved having you here in beautiful Cache Valley.

Amber said...

I always felt that, if life were to lead me to Utah, I would prefer to live in Cache Valley. We're going there in two weeks for a family wedding. Looks beautiful!

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