April 10, 2011

Marguerite and robot Jean-Pierre.

Sidewalk chalk and a young French/American we like to call Marguerite, back from Paris once again (Xavier the super dad did the round trip to pick her up in less than 24 hours). This afternoon we decided that sidewalk chalking would win the contest for perfect Sunday afternoon acts.

Jean-Pierre turned out to be a big hit. Everyone who walked past our house would do a tap-dance to get around him without a smudge. For some reason he is an apple robot.


Brad said...

HRH, Marguerite, looks like quite an artist. Wish we were there to enjoy this visit from the adorable one from France.

Rosie said...

Does this robot know how to rock and roll? How about housework, I am looking for one to keep house for me?
Hello to Marguerite!

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