December 10, 2010

Temple of Dendur.

The company I work for held its 25th anniversary celebration last night at the Metropolitan Museum in the Temple of Dendur (you know the circa 15 BC one). It was pretty spectacular and the museum itself was also open to us for sauntering.

Xavier just doesn't stop looking dapper. He can't help it.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Emilie works for the Blackstone Group!

Love the Met, love the Temple of Dendur, love Emilie's excellent blog.

Can't really love the Blackstone Group, though. Unless I'm wrong about what it is -- but isn't that that Steve Schwarzman's outfit?

Emilie said...

Steve Schwarzman is a great guy. We should talk about that sometime, anonymous.

gaminette said...

LOL - Xavier is prepping for Tron!! <--say it with a French accent

Were there hot girls light-cycling through the Mediaeval collection? ^__~

Emilie said...

exactly, right, gaminette (about the first thing...second thing, we wish).

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear how Schwarzman is a great guy. I've only read about how he funnels his wealth to preferred politicians that will implement tax schemes to benefit the rich at the expense of social services.

Watch 740 Park Avenue for more info, or read for a taste.

But, perhaps I'm completely amiss and not seeing the whole picture. I'd be curious to hear your take since I trust your politics and love what you have to say in this blog.

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