December 14, 2010


Si tu n'existais pas déjà, je t'inventerais.

If you didn't exist already, I would invent you.

(Dalida and Alain Delon singing "Paroles...Paroles" - a French classic, according to local French sources. Things to like about Dalida: Italian born in Egypt - naturalized French, her Italian accent while singing French, masculine beauty - almost like a drag queen, her life-size statue at her grave in the Cimetière de Montmartre [not to mention Place Dalida just around the corner], the eyeliner).


Unknown said...

You gave me a fright! Upon seeing this post I began to doubt my knowledge of Italian music. But my Sicilian husband (and wikipedia) have confirmed that though it may be a french classic, and though Dalida does sing it wonderfully, it was originally Mina's song.
It hadn't occurred to me that this song was also a big hit in France... I guess Dalida's Italian roots explains that though.
Sorry, I was introduced to Mina first, and so have to be slightly biased towards her version :P

Michelle said...

une belle chanson, quelle que soit la langue.......Joyeux Noel Madame Joly....your new home is awesome!

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