September 26, 2010

Fort Tilden Beach.

Yesterday was hot. It's the end of September and I was elated. Particularly yesterday when we rode Xavier's latest delight: a scooter, to Fort Tilden Beach. Fort Tilden is across the Marine Parkway Bridge on a strip of land surrounded by ocean, pretty much almost directly south of Manhattan. Astonishingly, the beach is not swarming. It is sort of hard to get to (impossible without bikes after you go to the very end of the A train - or with a scooter or car), but so close to the city. Fantastic beach, good water, scads of animal entertainment.

1 comment:

Jill said...

How lovely is that place? What a find. I think that first dog is a Golden Doodle like Winnie. Except our Winnie doesn't so much like the beach.

p.s. Love Xavier in the hat!

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