August 29, 2010

Tulum, Mexico.

I turned 30 this weekend and decided (on Thursday) that I was yearning to go somewhere for my birthday (I guess I am always yearning to go somewhere, but this was an opportune why and wherefore). Xavier is in Paris (I was going to be there with him, but an interesting befalling at work made it so I couldn't take off that much time). So, sitting at my desk, co-workers shouting out ideas as they floated in, I decided on a place my brother, Stephen, had recently been: Tulum, Mexico. And who better than my favorite travel partner/very good friend Chris?

Tulum is south of Cancun 100km. It is 'off the grid,' which - in this yoga town - is sold as 'green.' It basically means that you can't charge your cell phone because there isn't electricity in your straw hut. Pretty charming.

The straw hut did have a pretty staggering ocean view and a little tub outside for soaking/gazing.

The straw hut (or palm hut, I guess) also had an uncertain, but very enticing, staircase down to the beach and water below.

Foremost, this hut was iguana jetty (please correct me if iguana is not their real name). They were everywhere. They were my favorite part. Yes, I am easily charmed by iguanas. I don't know what it is: maybe it is the way their glare is a slow burn, maybe it is their grotesque back legs and long finger-claws, or just simply the way they live up to 'reptile' - the way humans should live up to 'human', if you know what I mean. Chris remarked that the majority of the photos in my camera after this weekend were iguana photos. That tells you.

This is a pelican diving in the water, scooping up fish.






Jill said...

Happy Birthday girl. I can't think of a better way to celebrate turning 30. Awesome! Love you.

Roseann said...

So if I want to go to the same hotel with the palm 'shacks' can you tell me the name of it?


Mels said...

Happy Birthday Emilie, and that is cool you get to travel! Love you too.

Xavier Joly said...

I wish I had been there! Lucky girl.

Maria Petrova said...

Let me tell you something: YOU live up to being woman more than any woman I know.

KittyBrooks said...

Just skimmed over most of the photographs that you have posted and just had to tell you "Great job" these photos are awesome.

Gina said...

Happy birthday!!! Beautiful spot!

D1Warbler said...

Glad you got your camera back. It would have been sad not to have been able to record your thirtieth birthday -- even sadder not to have been able to photograph the turtle giving birth!

As usual, your photos are amazing as is your prose. I recently saw some photos on the net of St. Tropez. Yours left those in the dust!

Emilie said... is the Azulik hotel. Rustic in lots of ways, but really charming. You should absolutely go!

Maryline said...

Can I just say your photos are AMAZING? I am totally impressed, beautiful, I can't find better words!

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