August 15, 2010


Today I am leaving Saint-Tropez. My deepest bow - my nose to my toes - to this town. Yesterday, it sang its salute to me: a severe summer storm - that silenced even the yawping seagulls (who, in a town like Saint-Tropez, often wake you up at 5 AM unloading their complaints) with the cannonade and clapping of the thunder. I had spent 45 days in Saint-Tropez and it was the second time I had ever seen rain. So, on the subject of my departure, Saint-Tropez and I are in accord.


Ming said...

Thanks for sharing your great shots of St. Tropez. Maybe someday I will get the chance to visit there too, but if not, there's always your uniquely captured pictures to look upon.
Where are you headed next?

D1Warbler said...

Love the photo with the red boat!

sam seo said...

nice pic love to see more.

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