March 2, 2010

The Bluebird.

The Bluebird is an institution in Logan, Utah. It is a soda fountain, candy shop and restaurant that dates back to 1914. My grandparents went there as kids, my mom and dad went there as kids and when we were kids visiting Utah, chocolates from the Bluebird were the best kind of treat. You can see why. "America", if we can name such a place or bundle such an idea, is best here.


D1Warbler said...

Now there's a blast from the past! Hope you had fun in Logan. Another place we loved when we lived there (which has since closed) was Gia's -- home of the best sub sandwich in the country!)

Jill said...

I've eaten at the Bluebird many times over the years. I love the atmosphere there, and the chocolates. Love your pictures too.

Miss you.

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