January 25, 2010

Joyce Nally.

On the phone this weekend, my sister Julie narrated, "When Joyce and I were in our prenatal belly dancing class this morning, I was doing a shimmy-shake shoulder thing while squatting really low to the ground. Joyce came over right by me and pulled up my shirt so that my belly was showing and started chatting with the baby, telling the baby she loves it and giving my belly kisses."

Joyce also high fives the baby through the womb. Today Joyce turns two. Happy birthday my little niece! Joyce's little sibling will be born in March and we all can't wait for Joyce to be doling out the real high fives to the little newborn.


Jill said...

That is the cutest picture of Joyce. I can't believe she is already two! Wowza.

Cutest picture ever!

Melanie said...

Happy birthday Joyce. You are so cute and adorable, I love that picture too, and I am excited too for your brother or sister to be born too,
I love you
Aunt Mels
thanks for sharing Em!

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