January 8, 2010

Bedda's basketball.

We've been watching a lot of basketball games here in Washington, rooting for a certain 5'2" shooting guard, #3 Bedda Johnson and the Enumclaw Hornets. She is a shrimp, but she can play basketball - she scored 10 points tonight and she had a spectacular 3-point shot at the buzzer of another of these games. A real crowd pleaser. And, amazingly, she is never scared of getting stepped on.

Marguerite loves basketball.

So does Joyce. She was enthralled. Hooked. (On her popcorn too).

Marguerite finds interesting variations of the normal viewing position.

So does my mom. During one game, I glanced down the bleacher row and saw my beautiful mother looking particularly smashing:

I guess she had stashed these glasses in her handbag to pull out for spectator regalement during halftime. We all had a go. (Inspired by Stephen and his colleagues at Martha Stewart Living - you can easily make a pair of your own...find eyes you love in a magazine and frames from glasses. Fit, adhere, poke viewing holes through pupils). Pretty amazing how they change the face they're sitting on.

I love the USA for girls' sports. At Bedda's high school girls' wrestling not only exists, but is very popular:

'Lady Hornet Wrestling' indeed. In the local paper, one contender was listed as Rose Johnson in weight class 14 (Heavyweight, 285 lbs). My mom felt concerned they had unintentionally entered her into the competition and was worried that she wouldn't be able to keep up with the other heavyweights.

1 comment:

Mike said...

Go Bedda! She really is an impressive athlete.

I'll be make us some of those glasses, pronto. They really are fun.

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