July 8, 2009

Madrid | Day 2

Shannon left early the second day and so I had the rest of it to explore. (She was off to Morocco with another of our friends from high school for a grand adventure).

Unsurprisingly, I found a pool. In fact, before leaving for Madrid, I referenced neither a city map nor a guide book. Rather, with only three days notice, I hunted online for good pools in Madrid. 95 degrees and resounding sun = body of water. So here it was, olympic sized (10 lane, 50 meters) and relatively empty despite the heat...until later in the afternoon when a troop of avid belly-flopping boys arrived and made a wave pool of the giant rectangle. (I was amused and joined in at some point. Then they were amused).

Here are the pools from google sky: Piscina Municipal El Lago de la Casa de Campo‎ (Metro: Lago if you go to Madrid)

Aside from the puddle, here is what I saw:

1 comment:

la_sale_bete said...

oh wow, your trip sounds so nice. you really are fancy-free. i love all of your quests for pools. the haunchies say hi.

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