July 15, 2009

Fête Foraine

Lucky us. The first thing we did in the south of France was go to a trashy carnival (fête foraine according to the French). Here is beautiful and very funny cousin Elsa (left) and lovely friend Marion (right).

Cotton Candy = Barbe à Papa (papa's beard)

I convinced the others to fly like squirrels with me. We put on these costumes and then we were attached with all sorts of carabiners and then we got lifted in the air suspended on cords high high high. Then the tower turned us round and round and the desire to puke was initiated. Xavier was terrified. He is scared of heights and we were lifted really high in the air. I just kept telling him that it was really fun and not dangerous and he just kept squeezing my hand harder and harder until he tainted my flying experience because my hand hurt. Ah well. Here we are almost to the ground:

The rest was inspired by home and man, does a girl feel proud in moments like that.

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