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November 25, 2008

Au marché

This morning I went to the market close to our house. I found all of this stuff. Fresh figs, chestnuts, butternut squash, divine grapes, cranberries, honey and tulips. The markets of fresh fruit and vegetables in Paris are really impressive. I've never seen anything like them in the United States (except, of course, farmer's markets or the market at Union Square in New York, for example - but even these are considered a treat, something during the summer months maybe).


Jill said...

No fair!

I love to go to the farmers market, but of course it's only in the summer. You're a very lucky girl.

What do you do with chestnuts?

Emilie said...

jill - you can boil them or roast them! they are actually quite starchy once you do, a cool addition to stuffing i am told. we shall see...love you.

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