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November 1, 2008

6 Things

I'm sure you have seen the 6 Things About Me exercise floating all around the blog world. The first friend I made in Paris, Lauren (who keeps a stellar literary blog - check it out), invited me to play.

This is Lauren (right) and my friend Aralena (left - who also has a fantastic blog). They are beautiful and wonderful friends in Paris.

Now onto the 6 Random Things About Moi. A shamelessly self-indulgent activity (which is, coincidentally, also the definition of blogging - so if you are here, you have already taken in a lot of that - I mean, pictures of my bathroom, for goodness sake).

1. I love ptyradactyls. I do a superb impression. Their closest modern day equivalent is the peacock - whose voice is also marvelous, but who has a more post-modern sensibility. (Merci Emmanuel de me l'avoir fait connaître).

2. I am 173 centimeters high.

3. Je suis très maladroite. Très. (Clumsy).

4. I love the feeling of red marbles in my mouth.

5. I've lived in lots of places (going backwards): Paris, New York, New Jersey, Utah, Oxford, Washington, Maine, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Massachusetts.

6. I can touch my tongue to my nose and almost to my eyeball. (A lot of people already know about that one, because I am really proud of my talent and tend to rely on it whenever an awkward pause in a conversation or in a relationship arises).

Basically, I am inviting everyone I know to replicate this. It is, above all, an informative and substantive activity where you can discover a whole lot about yourself.


Jill said...

I love and miss your ptyradactyl impressions and your tounge acrobatics. I had no idea you liked red marbles in your mouth.

Ben said...

Almost to your eyeball? Interesting. Definitely worthy of a picture on your blog.

Emilie said...

almost to my eyeball indeed - i will post a photo documenting this ability very soon...

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