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September 1, 2008

Josephine Returns

We are at the Juda again. We stand there watching her hold someone hostage in the elevator for 10 minutes and then decide that such an event needs to be recorded on film. Xavier plays her game too well. After 30 seconds of watching her say her bogus 'goodbyes' and 'see you soons' (all quickly interjected by herself with her own running commentary on a different subject entirely), Xavier feels compelled to drive the action forward. He calls my name, loudly, "EMILIE!" You see her reaction. She jumps, as if she has been caught doing something she really shouldn't be doing. And then she quickly closes the elevator door, furtively (with no goodbye...after all that!).

"Qui c'est qu'appelle?" (Who's calling?) She demands, thinking it is the neighbor below. "Vincent?" She calls to him.

She shrugs her shoulders, befuddled and discomfited, the white topped mushroom, and saunters back into her domain.

Here she is, for the first time, in action.


Julie said...

X - you've got a bag of tricks up your sleeve. I bet Josephine has no idea what she's dealing with as your neighbor.

Xavier said...

Your sister was laughing so hard that there was no way she could have held a camera behind the door ;-)

Jill said...

This video is priceless. The more I watch it the harder I laugh. How did you hold the camera steady whilst laughing your guts out?

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