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September 21, 2008

The Apartment and Marguerite

First, Marguerite - we've had her this whole week and as a result, we've laughed a lot. She is such a character and she is in the phase of being contrary - she loves to disagrees with what is said, even if she ends up disagreeing with herself numerous times in the same interaction. She loves going down the "grand tobogan" (big slide), landing at the bottom and running toward me to deliver a high five. The other French kids don't know what is going on with the high five event. But I think we make a great team at the park.

Then, we have Marco, a friend of Xavier from London this weekend - and he is delightful. He came to our new apartment and raised his eyebrows.

Whenever Marguerite comes to the new apartment, she insists that we should go back home. She isn't ready to admit that this will be home yet. Understandable. But progress is continual. The whole apartment has been emptied of the ruins. Bags and bags were taken down the 5 flights of stairs and now our living room is cleared and ready to be done. The frames of walls are up and the tiles are delivered and ready to installed...

1 comment:

Julie said...

We miss Marguerite and her tips she dispensed to Joyce about doudous. She looks great with pigtails - it brings a certain something out in her.

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