November 7, 2018

Pruning the giants

We have giants who live in our yard. Soaring cypress tress in a succession; their proportions make us swoon while hanging laundry or lying in the grass. They need a hair cut every few years. We were all thoroughly amused watching the process. Patrice, jardinier extraordinaire (whose very local accent gets the better of both Xavier and me), started at their base and groomed the bottom-half of each coniferous cone with a hand-held trimmer. That part of the job was a day's work, so when he left that evening they looked so funny; perfectly coiffed on bottom and wild tufts sprouting everywhere on their top halves. The next day he came with a crane to attack the rest. The trees tend to grow thick and bulbous if they aren't trimmed...and we so admire their sleek form.

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