April 29, 2017

Easter eggs

We snuck out to hide all the chocolate eggs on Easter. Low, medium, high. To match them. In the olive branches, the mouth of the stone fountain, high on stone walls, in the lavender patches, among the daisies, in the middle of the lilac bushes, the cherry and apricot tree branches, in the garden urns. Lined them up, handed each a mini basket made in Lourmarin: small, medium, large. Then they were off. Panting and screeching with the first find. Romy couldn’t believe it. Probably her first registered Easter Egg Hunt, the ones before just random chocolate. Wished we had hid higher and harder for Miss Marguerite. We forgot how long her legs have become. Colette was determined and wanted to keep things fair. Kept redistributing the bounty. Romy just perpetually thrilled. One egg would have been enough. Eye popping when they just kept coming. “Are they growing in the garden?”

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