March 11, 2017

Cap Canaille & Cassis

Xavier and I had a holiday on Friday. Cassis is one hour from our we set off for a lunch on the Mediterranean. Up above Cassis rests Cap Canaille: the highest sea cliff in France, looking out over the Mediterranean and Cassis. The height is dizzying - 394m (1,293 ft) above and a straight fall down. Incredible. Xavier doesn't love heights and he turned white the closer we got to that edge (hence the numerous photos featuring me). The color of the water, the ochre rock, the vegetation of the Côte d'Azur...remarkable. French Riviera at its best.

My legs dangling 1,293 ft in the air from that perch - such a whir

We drove down into Cassis to find a restaurant recommended by a local friend: La Presqu'île. It is one of those Côte d'Azur establishments that manages to be ritzy/high end and dumpy around the edges. I love that mix - only in this context (St. Tropez had a few of these as well). We parked the car and the smell of sun heating sandy pine trees and the sound of doves cooing brought memories - all of Xavier's summers in Saint-Aygulf, and my time in St. Tropez. The food was fancy and very good, the view and reflection from the water (right there) - even better. As soon as we had finished and had our café we went straight down to the beach below - smooth white stone against turquoise water. It was too inviting, I had to go in. In my underwear. The first breath was choking and then I kicked hard and kept kicking. About 10 minutes later, I felt like it was the middle of summer and I was just in for a dip. Xavier joined - couldn't resist. After 30 minutes in the water and a swim out to the buoy, we washed ashore. My teeth chattered for a while after being in for so long, but it felt like a spring purification session. Fantastic. You know where I will be whenever I have a spare chunk of time for a swim.

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Rosie said...

Wow breathtaking blue! It does look irresistable - although I bet it was breathtakingly chilly! Actually it is probably warmer in March than Washington coast ever gets! Beautiful day! I am putting this on my bucket list - it is growing longer with every post you make!

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