November 28, 2016


I'm still out exploring a lot of days. Just taking a drive or a run to nearby villages. I stand there, in front of some historic beauty, and the townspeople sort of look at me as an oddity. I am far enough off the tourist path that these towns are void of them (especially at this time of year). I change the angle of my camera shot or my head and squat down. They look back at me and then look again at the thing I am observing (this petit château, for instance). Shrug their shoulders. I like that this château isn't open to the public and it is unclear who is caring for it. Hence the charm - the gate with its rainbow overgrowth, the shaggy garden, eluding its provenance. It resembles the châteaux in the Loire Valley more than those found here in Provence, in its renaissance style - beautiful slate roof. The townspeople go into the library and town hall next door and proceed with their business. I still find it out of the ordinary to come upon a little gem like this one - framed by dark, menacing clouds, a full apple orchard and an olive grove. Even if we live here, I'm glad for the effect.

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