October 11, 2016


Wednesdays in France are special for children. School days are short, or there is no school at all. So, we’ve decided to use Wednesday as an exploration day. Recently, we headed to the beach. To the Côte d’Azur - la Plage de Sainte-Croix, to be precise. Locals say it is the best beach close to Aix. We agree - at least off-season, anyway. Sweet little sandy inlet - lighthouse on one side and a seaside chapel on the other. The girls spent the day covered in sand and toying with the water, never completely wet (recent mistral had sucked the warmth out the water and made it icy). It was a day without a lot of struggle or negotiating - a rare treat for me as a parent with these two at their ages. Colette did get a little saucy as we were leaving the beach, refusing to separate herself from the sand - rolling around every few feet as we made our way back to the car: “I just want to cuddle with the sand. It is so warm and comfy. I can’t leave it.”

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Unknown said...

There is a horse in the sea.

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