September 20, 2016

Ménerbes, Lacoste, Bonnieux, Lourmarin

One of our favorite drives in Provence takes us on a path through Ménerbes, Lacoste, Bonnieux, Lourmarin. These towns are nestled in the mountains of the Lubéron and seem to be time-locked in some other age. Especially lovely this time of year when the tourist season isn't quite so high and the days are still warm and the air is crisp. We took Stephen and John when they were visiting this past week and basked in the Lubéron sunshine and little girl capers.

Marguerite taking special care of Colette, who had smashed her hand in the car door.


Rosie said...

I can't wait for some of those "little girl capers"!

Shelli said...

We'll be in Ménerbes next September for my birthday. This post makes me almost long for the year to go by. Maybe we can meet for a coffee in the area. By then les filles seront vrais françaises!

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