August 14, 2016

Boar hair brushes

We are all excited to be out of most of our boxes. For a few days there we felt like we were eating them, there were so many. About a week ago Colette told me, "I want a better house." I was surprised and asked her why. "I want one with a living room and a couch." I smiled. Thankfully, the paint job in this room is finished and so we have unpacked our things and have started to place them about - with fresh paint on the walls. Colette and Romy were both jumping for joy (on the couch) when they understood a living room - in this house - was part of the plan.

We love the vaulted ceilings and think this lambent white makes the room luminous.

The paint in this room was originally like this:

We teamed up with a true artist to do the work of recasting the light in the space. Our painter: Fabrizio, the Italian. So incredibly meticulous. Prepping took a couple of weeks. Arriving early each morning, gently, deliberately persisting in his work. Dabbing and brushing as if the room were his own canvas.

A look at his tools says a lot about his approach. This brush (below) is his principal apparatus. He uses one of these brushes for 6-8 months before replacing it with another. His hand just above the brush shows how long the bristles (made of wild boar hair!) was when he bought it. He says there are a few centimeters left on this one.

Mid-way (with the fissures opened and being glued back together):


Marnie said...

The white is luminous. Good choice

Anonymous said...

The color is perfect and the ceiling is beautiful. The story about your Italian artist is delightful. Very much enjoying the reveal of your new life in Aix.

Emilie said...

Thank you both!

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