June 27, 2016


We are on the threshold of a new life - country, house, schools, friends, work, modes of transportation, weather - everything is going to shift. For about a month, though, things are on hold. Our material things are sailing across the Atlantic in a shipping container while we ourselves came west before flying to France for good. It feels strange knowing the ins and outs of our New York life and not really knowing all that much about the one we will make in Provence. We’ve dreamed a lot about it. We know the house and the area. But the lived reality is beyond our musing. Ruffling my brain feathers a bit. It also feels exciting in good ways. Liberating and loaded with the suspense of so many unknown outcomes.

A stop in Utah has felt therapeutic. My parents are both from Utah and much of my extended family and a few of my siblings live here. Reassuring to spend time with people who you’ve always loved and who have always loved you. There are also a few snowcapped glories towering above the valleys that make me feel peaceful. Utah mountains are something else. They sing a song you keep in your head for a long time after leaving. Hiking on the Mount Timpanogos trail, I was humming along - one I knew and remembered how much I loved. We’ve also spent some time up at Snowbird - rolling in summertime mountain brine.

Romy feeling invigorated by the mountain air.

Colette - immediately after getting out of the car in the canyon near the mountains: "Mom, are any of these volcanoes?" Very nervous. She then asked for stories of villages of people being covered by lava.

Mount Timpanogos - Timpooneke Trail.

Up at Silver Lake - American Fork Canyon. Colette turned out to be an excellent hiking partner.

Romy too, when her skirt wasn't falling down.

My brother Paul, little Mallory and his catch for the day.

High on Hidden Peak (11,000 ft) up at Snowbird

Romy and Colette jumped for a few hours (literally) on the harnessed trampolines.

We saw a moose walking on this trail with Caitlyn and Mallory.

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