October 1, 2015

Pennsylvania Getaway.

We ventured to Pennsylvania last weekend to spend a shake of time with my parents. They like nothing more than their grandchildren, so Colette and Romy were especially glad. Colette entertained us all with her hilarious quips and Romy, in her usual way, was irresistibly sweet. Highlights included a trip to a Mennonite-run 1950’s diner – a complete delight for Xavier (true to the era in every way possible), a picturesque duck-pond/park with giant trees for climbing, the horse-drawn Amish buggies of Lancaster and mostly my mom and dad.

"I'm comfortable", said she:


Rosie said...

What a fun day! We loved every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

what is it that Xavier liked so much about the diner?

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