December 1, 2014

Guggenheim-ing with Colette.

We had a game where we would name a shape and she would find it someone in the museum. She ended up pointing to the most banal things (heating duct or a smoke detector) when there was a brilliant circle on a painting in front of her, but she was right every time. I like the way she struts through the place, sizing things up, dismissing easily and moving on. Everything fair game for both approval and banishment.

Loved the luster. Made me want to get a disco ball for their room.


Romy was strutting about too. In her own Colette one of the first times we took her to the Guggenheim, that time too with our favorites - Jordan and Meredith.


Holly said...

The first time we took Jordan, as a tiny girl, to the Natural History Museum in NY, her favorite thing was the waterfountains...the ones you drink from!

Xtreme English said...

so glad to see Romy!! Missed her at

Xtreme English said...

How is your knee doing??

Emilie said...

Knee is doing very well. I am limping a bit still, but walking. Physical therapy 3x a week and a lot of progress. Good news all around. By early 2015 I will be sprinting...Thanks!

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