August 30, 2014


This island. It felt like perpetual fervor to venture to a place that pronounces beauty in every articulation. I have rarely seen or smelled or felt anything like it. I took this photo the last morning we were there. I woke up early - calibrated my alarm to the rise of the sun - and left enough time to ride a bike to one end of the island (Locmaria) to climb a portion of the "sentier du littoral" (trail along the shore) to reach a high cliff overlooking what seemed to be the most beautiful expanse of ocean. The land masses on the left seemed like great, slumbering beasts - I worried the sun would incite them. I felt completely solo - there was no one even remotely near - or so it seemed. The boats that flecked the sea were solace; I was sure there were others watching this great thing unfolding. So simple - a sunrise. Such a place, though.

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