⪧ We left our life in New York City to make a new one in Provence ⪦

May 18, 2012


Colette's cousins: Grace and Joyce. Although their coloring is not the same, Grace and Colette share a certain coiffure. Joyce's hair is tamer; her imagination is not. For at least one year, she was Fern from Charlotte's Web and if you referred to her by her real given name, she would reply with just one word, "Fern." The Fern penchant has warn off, but not her tendency to call her sister Grace "Avery." This week, Joyce, Grace and I were walking, holding hands and Joyce proclaimed, "we are a chain!" I replied, "Yep, a chain of girls." She retorted with a correction, "Well, 2 girls and 1 boy." (Avery is, you know, Fern's brother).

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